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                ZHONGXIN Electrical Machinery locates at the south lf Yandang mountain which is a scenic spot.The Company is the leading one in technology lf fan and takes the development strategy of science and technology、talent and brand as its forerunner,and has blent scientific researchdeve lopment and make with meticulous care,meanwhile,it absorbs the domestic and international new craft and new technology constantly iorder to provide a large number of quality axial fans to users,accepted and relied on by the users……
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          Type80*80*25 AC-axial blower fanType80*80*25 AC-axial blower fan Type92*92*25 AC-axial blower fanType92*92*25 AC-axial blower fan Type150*150*50 AC-axial blower fanType150*150*50 AC-axial blower fan Type172*145*38 AC-axial blower fanType172*145*38 AC-axial blower fan Type200*210*71 AC-axial blower fanType200*210*71 AC-axial blower fan Type200*200*60 AC-axial blower fanType200*200*60 AC-axial blower fan Type250*250*90 Outer rotor axial blower fanType250*250*90 Outer rotor axial blower fan Type300*300*100 Outer rotor axial blower fanType300*300*100 Outer rotor axial blower fan Type350*350*100 Outer rotor axial blower fanType350*350*100 Outer rotor axial blower fan
          HomeAbout UsProductsNewsCertificatesFeedbackContact Us
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